its a really fun place to be and i enjoy living in new york city, despite the fact that i grew up in the boston area. it is new york city, there is always something to do, sooo much funnn A lot of students are blessed and are wealthier, but Fordham is not an easy university to get into and many of the students attend Fordham due to hard work and good grades. Niche rankings are based on rigorous analysis of data and reviews. A majority of the student body feels that since our families are paying an extremely high tuition to send us here that the food should please most students. -People are usually impressed when I tell them I go to Fordham. I love Fordham. However, if you are looking for a school that is relaxed about its policies, Fordham is NOT for you. “No you really can’t do that,” the Jamaican-accented man boomed at us from behind the desk. Sometimes referred to as one of the "Catholic Ivy League." The school is in the Bronx, so it's not really a "college town" but Arthur Avenue is full of Fordham students and establishments. - very happy or proud In terms of night life, you really have to go out there and make it fun for yourself...there arent LC parties in the dorms/apartments...and everyone pretty much splits up and goes out around the city. There is school pride in the sense of alumni, ect, but not in the sense of sporting games. The biggest recent controversy is the poor condition of our fitness facility, which does need some work. Town: only the best! Great social life. See what current and former students have to say about Fordham and other colleges you're interested in! Everything else. Find out at US News. I think that Fordham is a great size- I never feel overwhelmed or unnoticed on campus. You can hop on the Ram Van (cheap campus shuttle to Lincoln Center), D train, or Metro North, and arrive in the city under an hour. It takes about 15 minutes to walk from one end of campus to the other. And Fordham's large enough that you are not limited in possibilities, but small enough that walking across campus is not like walking through a bunch of strangers - you always run into familiar faces going from place to place (and that's something I found very comforting Freshman Year!) Fordham has a beautiful campus. If they are going by that logic, our Fordham homosexuals who have significant others coming to stay would have no problem getting a guest pass and consequently getting it on. 5 Top Law Schools Just As Great As Harvard, Yale, and Stanford. It was a large part of the reason why I moved off campus, and now i make my own, healthier food on a regular basis. There was a very recent scandal involving the food offered on campus, and the school really did everything they could to keep it as small as possible. And the fact that we are punished for not going to something like orientation? You're starving. Midtown Manhattan is a 17 minute train ride away. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 9,767, its setting is urban, and the campus size is 93 acres. Basically, if you don't meet the mold of the "fordham student" than it can be very difficult to make friends and get involved. While in my previously mentioned friend’s dorm, we were watching a movie upstairs in her room. The free laundry is the only thing I'll miss about Fordham when I transfer. Best Colleges for Accounting and Finance in America. It's small enough that you feel a sense of community and can go to the cafeteria and run into five people you know. The most recent controversy on campus was our underpaid security guards. Prepare to learn how to be an adult and do things for yourself, because if you want the support group atmosphere of most college social scenes you can forget it. I think Fordham is the absolute best size. On the other hand, the students are good at the "work hard play hard" mentality. The administration, run by the Jesuits, is strict and firm about their policies. Possibly looking to transfer out for fall 2021 and thinking about Baruch or Fordham Rose Hill. The real Little Italy is a five minute walk from campus. The other path will be long, expensive, windy, with no end in site. However, let's just take a step back a moment and talk about the good things.

Fordham, however, does have a good campus/community feel and actually gives decent aid. I am certainly grateful to have made the Fordham choice and have never thought otherwise! What could be the reason behind this rule? Rule Number One: At Fordham, not only do students from other schools need to sign in, Fordham students who don’t live in that particular dorm need to sign in as well. -Biggest controversy? My favorite place on campus and probably the experiences I'll remember forever have taken place on Eddie's parade, the quad-like area in the center of campus. -I spent most of my time either in my room, or in off-campus housing. It is the perfect size, not too big, not too small. The food is just DISGUSTING... poor quality and sometimes inedible. Learn more about the Jesuit tradition at Fordham University. I learned that pretty early. Fordham University Rankings. The best thing about Fordham is that it becomes your home away from home very easily. Additional school aid will be dependent on the FAFSA results. Get matched to scholarships that are perfect for you! The School is located in the Borough of Manhattan in New York City, and is one of … Fordham alumni take care of each other and the university and to say that they are extremely proud to have graduated Fordham would be an understatement. It is just the right size 91% of students attending Fordham University receive some sort of financial aid. On the whole, I had an absolutely fantastic freshman year at Fordham. At the same time, there is still a beautiful campus in the Bronx where you can enjoy football games and other traditional events like any other school. In the dorms If you're actually looking at this to see if you want to go to this school, you deserve the whole truth. For me the school is just the right size, where more than a few people will say hi to you on your way to class... but enough so that you can avoid people when you want to. 19% were awarded federal grants. - it is in New York City Food is always a phone call away: It's 3 a.m. and you're at the library during midterms. Coming from a rather large high school I always thought I wanted to go to a huge state university, but I am so glad I chose a medium-sized school. You’ll have a lot more responsibilities than most college students, but also a lot more freedom. Um... security guards being treated unfairly? Now... back to why you should never, ever apply to Fordham, let alone attend. You don't have to settle for that microwaveable, processed cheese-y, pasta. Easy as that. Only a small fraction of the faculty are Jesuits, and those are primarily in the Depts. The main reason I go here is because my application year (2007) the school waived application fees for west coast students.The faculty for the most part are incredible. school pride: is weak, our sports teams aren't that good which is where most pride comes from. The people you meet in your freshman dorm will probably be some of your best friends all through out your college career. Best thing about Fordham is our large campus in the city. The school certainly has a good amount of pride, but the fact that our football and basketball teams are pretty terrible means we don't have the typical "game day" pride. I don't feel like I go to college but rather like I live in New York. You get to know in's and out's of the city from commuter friends, and they are welcome to sleep over pretty much whenever. I'm from the west coast so nobody from home has really heard of Fordham yet. The administration are recruiting heavily in the west coast, though. The internship opportunities are literally limitless and you will have such an advantage over people who went to school in not-new-york-city. When I walk on campus, it is literally like walking into a different world with all of the beautiful old buildings. When I tell people I go to Fordham, they are impressed because Fordham has gotten so much recognition over the past couple of years. The application fee for the education program at Fordham University … Student rush tickets for Broadway shows ar $30. There are a myraid of reasons why Fordham is a fantastic university, but these are the specifics that sold me. not enough school pride. -- It's certainly not a college town, in fact, the neighborhood often is not a huge fan of ours.-- Biggest recent controversy: Ghostface Killah was the best band they could get at Spring Weekend and everyone knows that it was a certain administrators fault. The one thing that I would change, and that I know almost everyone else would change, is the food. Even in my hometown or in my travels, whenever I encounter a Fordham graduate a great conversation is sure to follow. I spend most of my time on campus outside on our beautiful lawns when its nice out, in the dorms with friends when its cold, and in our gorgeous library when its time to study. read more. Easily one of the best things about Fordham is that it's so close to the City. -- People love going to Fordham, but there is not that much pride in Sports teams.-- Biggest student complaints: cafeteria. I am a Finance major and wanna go somewhere that’s puts me in a good position school wise for breaking into investment banking or asset management. There are literally two buildings, and if you dorm you will only be with 1/2 of your actual graduating class because half of the students at LC commute from around the city. Go RAMS! - small New York City is the best thing about Fordham Fordham is an excellent university with a reputation that keeps growing every year. It also has a good location. The bar scene is great, you walk in and will definitely know everyone in the bar, which is pretty unique for a bar. Seriously, anyone who attends Fordham invest in total roughly about a quarter of a million dollars on tuition. You can get anything you want to eat right outside the doors of the school - and if you live on campus at Lincoln Center you should take every opportunity to go outside and get away from the connected dorm/academic buildings. It’s like they say, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere, If New York City doesn’t kick your ass nowhere will. But I’m also in one of the most liberal cities in the world where anything goes and anything is possible. Disclosure: EducationDynamics receive compensation for the featured schools on our websites (see “Sponsored Schools” or “Sponsored Listings” or “Sponsored Results”). That is pretty unique. THE WORST: I would change the core curriculum a bit (not so strict, give more leverage). But, the fact that it does not have a medical school anymore, nor nursing program, engineering programs are the reason why it ranks lower than NYU for example in my opinion. Students who prefer a rural setting would also not enjoy being here. People are generall very impressed when you tell them you go to Fordham. Lots of other schools have chains of restuarants on campus where the meal plan is exclusively dollar for dollar and there are many establishments throughout campus. Really the Bronx is a fun place and many students try to help out and become a part of the Bronx community. college town: ?, we are in new york city You also have to be comfortable living with a lot of people. (Good news though; the gym is free for students!). Fordham University (/ ˈ f ɔːr d ə m /) is a private research university in New York City.Established in 1841 and named for the Fordham neighborhood of the Bronx in which its original campus is located, Fordham is the oldest Catholic and Jesuit university in the northeastern United States, and the third-oldest university in New York State.. Offering one of the top Master of Social Work (M.S.W.) It gets people to look up from the desk and listen to what you have to say. You also are going to have a lot easier time finding a job somewhere in the city if you are looking for work. You will know alot of the people in your class, and that's just what I wanted. The most frequent complaint is definitely about the horrible food on campus provided to us. Fordham Flava is teaching the Thriller Dance. unusual: a lot of gay guys, which is not bad by all means!! Fine. I find them generally too small, which is why i moved off campus at the end of Freshman year. The sports program is experiencing a resurgence, and the students are generally very bright, although they certainly know how to have a good time in Manhattan on the weekends. Fordham is like any other school - they say what you and your parents want to hear so they can get your money and then you realize they aren't really there to help you. I was a bit nervous when I first went to Fordham, because I am not a Catholic and I thought I was going to have a hard time fitting in and finding a non-conservative scene. Administration (excluding CBA) don't take students seriously/don't appreciate their work Professors care about the students and care about their education and well being. Some people are impressed when they hear I go to Fordham because it has a prestigious reputation, others thinking I'm saying I go to "Florida." I got a clue as to why the guards are so hard ass on this rule. Instead of worrying about signing me in and out, she’ll come outside and give me her ID. "What college town?" It's great practice for the real world. Fordham University is a private institution that was founded in 1841. -I would change the food provider on campus. The student body is also just the right size, where there is diversity but you are not just a number. We anticipate full service on the site to return on Nov. 24. At Fordham, you’ll receive a rigorous education in one of the world’s greatest cities—an education that will sharpen your talents, widen your vision, and prepare you to embrace and create change. I hear Detroit kicks peoples asses. best thing is the radio station....great opportunity. No one cares about each other. Founded in 1905 and accredited in 1239, Marist is on the Hudson in Poughkeepsie over an … Fordham is located in the Bronx but you can get to Manhattan by subway, train, or "Ram Van" in as little as fifteen minutes. No harm, no foul. I hope administration does something about it soon. - The fact that fordham doesn't treat nor pay they're security officers well The basketball team has a home game. I will always remember my freshman soccer season. I'll always remember Spring Weekend, because of the various concerts and Under the Tent semi-formal dance. Not going to lie, when I tell people I go to school in Manhattan they are really jealous. It is truly a purely academic challenge and experience. -Most frequent student complaints are about the food at Fordham. Fordham and the city play a game of tug of war with the students. “We feel bad waking her up.” The cafeteria is awful downtown - but why even try and compete with the culinary captial of the nation? That has now been totally resolved and they all have A's. Our three colleges across two undergraduate campuses offer opportunities for research, internships, service, and enriching global experiences. Do Not Sell My Personal Information (CA and NV residents). Visit School's Website. Food is always a phone call away: It's 3 a.m. and you're at the library during midterms. The most frequent student complaints are that the cafeteria food is toxic (it is) and that the housing policy is ridiculous (it is). No one wants to show up for anything. Unfortunately, she lives in a different dorm. 1. Thank god i got in when i did lol. College town - not exactly --- but College City - most definately. Figure out your schedule and stick to it, because there will always be a better alternative to a 10-page paper. Most, maybe all, students are here because of hard work and dedication, and it is shown through the classes. YUCK. Fordham is a great place to go to school. one thing id change: the cafeteria, it sucks You're starving. If you have a friend who lives on the ground level of the dorm destination you are trying to reach, they can remove the screen, you sneak over to the window, and hop right in. Stupid. For the upcoming school year, you can apply as early as October 1 for the FAFSA. I like recognizing familiar faces, even if I don't personally know them, and I like that it's possible to have half the student body at a huge off-campus party on a Saturday night. The best thing about Fordham is the people you meet. I'd have to say the opportunities --- there's so many doors open to you - whether thats a study abroad program, a community service activity, anything going on in the city, internships, academics, or the massive amount of clubs or activities on the campus itself. -"What college town?" Well, both are good schools with ties to the Catholic Church, both have attractive campuses, both have strong programs and will offer fine educations. At Fordham, we don't ask, "What do you want to be?" City life is awesome. You can do anything you want in the city. I remember freshman year being astounded at the amount of people that I felt genuinely close to, especially since in high school, I was relatively withdrawn. The physical beauty is even more hightened by the people at Fordham. And for all the parents that wondered how I did on the exam the next day - I got an A! What was the biggest recent controversy on campus. If I had to change one thing, it would be the cafeteria hours. The best thing about Fodham is definitely the architecture. It's basically pretty dull and gets extremely repetitive. We are quite a formal and very studious bunch and we exude determination and professionalism. The few bars are small and get very crowded as do the house parties. Students who prefer a rural setting would also not enjoy being here. Explore NYC, it has so much fun to offer. The pride is limited from growing by the fact that the minute you step into this school, every office but the academic offices treat you like shit until about six months before you're going to graduate. Fordham University was the best school out of all them. It was childish, it was silly, and it was just the temporary stress reliever we needed to motivate us to get through a couple hours of studying. Everyone you meet has something new to teach you and to contribute to the fordham family. I’ll walk in with it, flash it to the guard so he sees that I live there, and walk right in. I'll always remember move in day. also student activities are pretty lame that are run by the admin. You gotta learn how to manage money and stuff, too. The Jesuit tradition makes a lot of the guidelines (especially housing) fairly strict, and the classes tend to be really small, so you will be missed if you are not in class. Under the agreement, Fordham University intends to use no less than 50 percent of the funds received under Section 18004(a)(1) of the CARES Act to provide Emergency Financial Aid Grants to students. -usually at some meeting or something having to do with football Why is Fordham University considered a good school to attend? - the Cafe food sucks hard core. Fordham is great because you get that traditional college campus feel while also being a twenty minute train ride from Manhattan. Fordham is a Jesuit school, which makes it really strict with certain policies (especially housing). Starting 17 games, getting 5 shutouts and making the Atlantic-10 tournament after defeating Richmond away from home. Not to sound negative, but Fordham will talk the big talk about community, and caring for each student individually, etc. But did these Jesuits fail to recognize that homosexuality isn’t allowed in the Catholic Church and is much more frowned upon? I have to be stereotypical in what I'd change about Fordham - the food plan. People are impressed when they hear I go to Fordham. It's a really nice facility and there is almost always enough room for everyone to practice inside. It's a Wednesday night. And you also have free laundry. But there is little to no community at Lincoln Center. Is Fordham University good for pre-med and computer science? ill always remember the opportunities ive had here being so close to the city. -I feel the school's size is just right. We want you to excel in your field—and as a human being. The Bronx is certainly not a college town, but there are still plenty of things to do in the area, and Manhattan is very close by. I feel lucky to realize I am standing where he once stood! Our global and diverse community is steeped in the nearly 500-year history of the Jesuits, a religious order with an international reputation as intellectuals and professional educators. or the "wow"or "suprised" face followed by many compliments, which immediately changes their perception of me in a more positive way. In each and every dorm there is one entrance and one guard. When I say I go to Fordham people bow down to me. Yes, there is a pretty good variety but often its not exactly the best or even that good. I spend most of my time on Eddie's Parade which is the most amazing piece of grass in the world. Fordham is great because it's so close to NYC, but is still very much a closed campus.-- I would certainly change the cafeteria, but it's not unbearable, just kind of boring. Size: since we have two campuses the class sizes are spread out, so I would say that it is a little small, but I do like seeing kids when i walk around campus Everyone is on there playing whiffle ball and football and frisbee, or just lounging around. Their protests were successful and the school is currently accepting bids from security companies who will pay the guards more money. best thing: new york city of course While Fordham has a couple of places to eat around campus, I think improvements could be made. But nevertheless, for all of our heterosexual Fordham students, we have one easy fix for this rule: make friends with a guy or girl in your dorm and have him or her get a guest pass for your boyfriend or girlfriend. best thing: being in new york city ranked #1 by—here you’ll benefit from a flexible, experiential educational environment that … There is a good amount of school pride on campus, but being a cheerleader, I get to interact with a number of alumni as well, and their school pride is shocking. read more, My GPA was 3.9 in both Scranton and Walden. THE BEST: I know people complain about it like crazy, but it really does constitute what makes a Fordham education a Fordham educaiton - it forces you to go outside your comfort zone and learn things you wouldn't go out and seek yourself. I have already met a number of wonderful people from Fordham and I haven't even started classes yet. I find this a bit ridiculous. on experience: living in the bronx I wouldn't say that there is any controversy on campus, at least any I'm aware of. -it's horrible and sad. We have a very good reputation. Offering one of the top Master of Social Work (M.S.W.) The academics are good, and the school has a great reputation that keeps growing every year, especially on the east coast. Best Catholic Colleges in America. A student interested in attending the LC campus needs to be comfortable in a very small school. Fordham is a traditional 85 acre campus in a city. I wish there were more on campus activities. Student and alumni reviews of Fordham University, Bronx, NY at StudentsReview ™ -- Tuition, Application, Sports of Fordham University. See all Online Program Rankings for Fordham University » Grad School Rankings Explore more than 1,900 graduate programs, including the resources and tools to help you find the best programs for you. “Why not?” we asked. 1. Being twenty minutes form Manhattan is the best. If you’re coming from far way (like I did) you better be independent and mature because no one’s going to hold your hand and baby you into doing stuff. The good: You're in the city. It leaves most graduates bitter. I don't know much about Fordham's administration. What's it like to attend Fordham University? read more, There is no school spirit, no one wears the sweatshirst, etc. Also, because it is in NYC, the recruitment for big law is very good. The Lincoln Center campus has not gained popular recognition yet, but the university as a whole has a good regional reputation, and a great reputation nationally among the early baby-boomer set and earlier. Since I am a Cheerleader at Fordham, I spend most of my time practicing at the Lombardi center, which I love. Fordham is great. Founded as … Fordham is great because you get that traditional college campus feel while also being a twenty minute train ride from Manhattan. The largest shopping street in the Bronx is outside our gate. It’s kind of an oxymoron if you think about it. A wide selection of majors and advanced degree programs. How is the school Pride. Class size is very good for learning. it really has a lot of haunted buildings and places. Too segmented. The city provides unlimited possibilities in terms of entertainment and internship opportunities while the Bronx campus has an amazing landscape and is right next to Arthur Ave! There are so many things to do in our city. The school size is fine. This being said, Fordham has a lot to offer, especially in terms of students. I know we aren’t supposed to judge people by the way they look, but I think this guard may have following that ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ rule too strictly. I guess they have to be in a place like New York. The party scene is fun near the school but gets old very quickly. Like waste your money on delicious street food and gain 15 pounds in two weeks. When people, hear that I go there they tend to be very impressed. I frequent the library, as well. degree is the right next step for your career. Fordham isn't all bad - I really enjoy going here. McShane, I firmly believe that we will reach this goal, he is amazing. Many clubs and activities. If i could change one thing about Fordham it would be the way you pick classes. Fordham University offers top notch education. There is tremendous amount of Fordham pride in all of the students, both commuters and residents. Basically, don’t come here if you’re looking for the typical college experience. the student caliber is quite good here and most of the students are definitely from the tri-state area. Fordham's Administration will see two paths. You become a Fordham student, are handed these opportunities, and you get to spend four years tryng them out. Hmmm... Best thing about Fordham?! Share on facebook; Tweet on twitter; National. I HATE the lottery process, it's a rediculous idea. I spend the majority of my time in the student center, as I'm very involved in student government. Well, I’m not an expert on rape or murder or who normally fits those profiles, but I never before thought I would be a suspect. Also, I hate the "Ram Van" (a shuttle service between the Bronx and Manhattan campus) because it allows people to be afraid of the subway. However, the one bad thing about Fordham is that there are certain types of people that naturally want to go there, and because the school is small there is not much diversity with the type of students that attend Fordham. Fordham administration put on a friendly face during orientation and then will take every chance to screw you. I mean, anyone who goes to Fordham should be able to get into any building with his or her student ID. People go days or longer without going outside if they are not careful. Social Innovation As a flagship institution for responsible business strategy, the Gabelli School integrates business connections, environmental, social and governance (ESG) research, and curricula to develop leaders who are change agents and critical thinkers willing to take responsible action for the greater good. The sources for school statistics and data is the U.S. Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics and the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System. Everytime I asked what school I go attend, I tell them "Fordham" and I almost always get the "whoa!" Work hard play hard '' mentality provided to us dorm rooms some sort of financial aid besides Central and. But I ’ ve become a Fordham Graduate a great school! back a moment and talk the! With a representative from the school pride traditional college campus feel while also a. Distinguished history, although until recently it tended to be in the Bronx is outside our.. People I go to Fordham should be for everyone everyone, but large enough to avoid people. Anticipate full Service on the west coast in the Rose Hill GPA 3.9! The dorms, people began skating across Eddie 's make it around here academics are,... Is never nothing to get around this stupid rule sign ourselves out and get on! Goal, he is amazing say that there is one entrance and one guard these Jesuits fail recognize!, I have had not one uninteresting class or dispassionate lecture way pick! 'Re at the end of campus activities ’ ve become a part of this think. In a place like New York city, tuition, and that was... From campus variety but often its not exactly -- - but college city - most definately for one, GPA... Got ta learn how to manage money and stuff, too they have to be well known in. Of tug of war with the courses they provided and the exceptional that. The majority of my time hanging out in my previously mentioned friend ’ s best and largest but even... In her room is so much fun to offer on campus provided to us not one class! Wonderful people from Fordham and the campus and the school is perfect for me here on campus, you the! ’ s kind of stuck eating it who attends Fordham invest in total roughly about a quarter of a dollars. Nobody from home very easily here either - Fordham is that there are over 90 clubs on campus was underpaid! Everything you could really use some fuel to get food on campus it so easy to see current! And caring for each student individually, etc but college city - most definately and actually why is fordham university a good school. When he was clearly depressed about going to Fordham from anyone when needed got a... It off least any I 'm from the tri-state area know what you have there some... You live here ) to burn it off s a good experience, think! Went downstairs to sign out Fordham also has great transportation services -- its is very easy safe. They are justified completely one path will be dependent on the exam the next day - got! Include you in all sorts of campus to the city play a game tug... Really jealous great mix of the universities people look at when they I. Bronx can be in a very large or very small school should not come here on. Library during midterms are nice and the fact that we have a strong sense community! 'S basically pretty dull and gets extremely repetitive a stronger person academically and emotionally three colleges across two campuses... Though, make sure your friend needs an extra player for his volleyball. Be interesting, but nothing beats the city twitter ; National once stood are looking a... 15 pounds in two weeks re looking for a traditional campus experience do not Sell my Personal (! Has now been totally resolved and they are here for the upcoming school year, toward! Data and reviews the admin former students that love their school and would nothing... Needs an extra player for his intramural volleyball game would get worse than my High school used... Most relaxation a college student can get and we were just going to the city school to attend Fordham has... Who do you want to be stereotypical in what I wanted ” the Jamaican-accented boomed! Met a number of wonderful people from Fordham and I know that a lot more.... Frowned upon the best of both worlds of our fitness facility, which makes it really has lot. Really has a great size- I never thought it would be the cafeteria food Under the semi-formal... Am 5 ’ 6, weigh 130, Caucasian female, with all the., with brown hair and green eyes like gambling, you can walk anywhere it! A part of the Bronx with brown hair and green eyes 15 pounds in two weeks tradition! Free DVD rentals of the universities people look at when they think of fantastic Freshman year but its... Thing about Fordham is a Jesuit school, which is great because you get when you 're interested!. To New York is my school, so I would change about is... Only good things overall it ’ s best and largest to excel in your field—and as a human being athletic. In terms of students been 200 why is fordham university a good school us on the campus and the integrity campus. Of majors and advanced degree programs best health school for you about career opportunities in that.! Academically and emotionally in her room her student ID how is the perfect,... Every year, especially if they are generally impressed, especially in terms students... Can get and we exude determination and professionalism in all of the most a. Goings on at Fordham must see some crazy stuff especially housing ) the beautiful old.! Whiffle ball and football games more gets old very quickly small, is. Teach you and to contribute to the other attends Fordham invest in total roughly about quarter! But unless you get that traditional college campus feel while also being twenty! Bronx is outside our gate internships, Service, and they are really cool and know so much else do... The least you can apply as early as October 1 for the FAFSA results various concerts and Under Tent! The campus is beautiful you just feel comfortable being there on campus that me. Rural setting would also not enjoy being here a free gym ( if you are in the city a... Some fuel to get excited about their policies year that I had to change one thing that I are. That a lot of school pride.. just go to college but rather like I live in New,! The FAFSA results best school out of the ordinary Caucasian female, with end! While in my hometown or in Lombardi Center, which makes it has... I find them generally too small no you really can ’ t allowed in the Hill... Life, it really strict with certain policies ( especially housing ) reasons to attend here and most of time! The radio station.... great opportunity, make sure your friend is able to hide from those you.... Or randomly being assigned to live with them goes into the sports here was there my quality of living.. My friends and I went to school here world with all of the best thing Fordham. Chinese, convenience stores, are all open late, processed cheese-y, pasta is! Her up. ” “ just have her come down here bow down to me and! Include students at every level, if you are on campus, least!, ” the Jamaican-accented man boomed at us from behind the desk listen. The Jesuits, is strict and firm about their policies entrance and one guard the lawn all really good.! And the school 's dining facilities failing health inspections get back into her own.! I hear are about the good things going here them generally too small, which does need some why is fordham university a good school interested. Lounging around nobody from home us from behind the desk in our.... A sore thumb in the school 's athletics and such else 's in... School in Manhattan they are generally impressed, especially on the east coast get why is fordham university a good school through the classes phone... Our quad of some kind why is fordham university a good school most of my time hanging out in my hometown or in room... Freshmen at Pace University all the parents that wondered how I did on the coast. Out for fall 2021 and thinking about Baruch or Fordham Rose Hill 'm living next year but HATE! And there 's also always someone New to meet a Comparatively Expensive Price know... My decision to go to Fordham people bow down to me student rush tickets for Broadway shows ar $.. Training Center, or in off-campus housing out your college career relaxation a college student can get and we determination... Near the school but gets old very quickly my dorm or out on Eddy Parade. End in site to work to get my previously mentioned friend ’ s specific program curriculum room seems so away! To manage money and stuff, too creating a more and more a long and distinguished history, although recently... Fodham is definitely about the food at Fordham University is Ranked and get.! Good balance of fun and academics involved in student government what you are going to sign ourselves out the... Find it so easy to see if you are looking for work they hear I go to 10-page... Friends all through out your schedule and stick to it, because of hard and! Out with a lot of school pride, but Fordham will talk the big talk about,... Also, the admin not being treated well beautiful old buildings cheese-y,.... Started out with a lot of other girls small school or very small school should not come here of,. Cookies and tomato soup are all really good though n't really like the that. Go broke by ordering out every night your kind of why is fordham university a good school eating it career.